Day 6: Lil’ India in the House

Sorry I am a bit behind guys! My computer decided it did not want to work anymore again so I have been behind on blog posts. Let’s recap last Saturday:

Today (February 25) we went to Little India after taking the bus to Harbor Front and then the MRT to Little India. We began in the market place where it was ABUNDANT in produce, fish, meat, spices, and herbs. It was so cool! It was like a farmer’s market but with grocery store-style. Something that I noticed though while walking around was there was not really any lobster in the seafood sections and also there was A LOT of okra despite it being a South American native. It was quite interesting. The fact that Singapore relies heavily on its imports was prevalent here. The wide variety of fruits and vegetables was great though! I was in FRUIT HEAVEN, I just wanted to buy every piece of fruit I saw; from the grapes, to the starfruit, to the bananas, to the oranges, to the dragonfruit, EVERYTHING. What was even cooler was that upstairs was another little market but this one had clothes and antiques. The clothes were the traditional garments of India such as the saris and the _____. I really wanted to buy this purple and gold one I saw, because saris are SO beautiful. I remember at the Abele Awards last year, this young woman, I think she was a graduate student, wore a traditional sari with head piece and all because I think she was from Southeastern Asian decent but anyways she looked absolutely beautiful. I remember going up to her and telling her how gorgeous she looked and I could not help but tell her. She beamed with happiness and pride. It made me smile. Anyways, after splitting into small groups we had walked around Little India hoping to cover it entirely, but I am sure we may have missed a few side streets haha. We saw a really beautiful temple called Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, the architecture was STUNNING. It is a Hindu temple that displays colorful statues of deities on the outside and is a brightly colored pink. This may have been one of my favorite temples that I saw in Little India. For lunch, we stopped at this Indian cuisine restaurant where I tried Banana Prata! It was really good, I was also able to try Mango Lassi and some Passion Fruit juice (although it did not taste like passion fruit juice). According to some research I did on the Mango Lassi, lassi is a popular traditional yogurt-based drink from the Indian Subcontinent. It is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit. If done in a traditional style, it is meant to be savory and sometimes flavoured with ground and roasted cumin. Interesting, right? I also bought jackfruit and dragonfruit from there, but the jackfruit was not ripe enough to be good as I later found out. Afterwards, we checked out the fresh produce and spices street section, which was filled with people sorting through the freshest produce. I almost forgot! I had henna done on my forearm! It is not perfect because I accidentally messed it up when I was leaving but it was okay, because I thought it depicted life: imperfect but beautiful :). I love it, I actually was thinking about going back and getting more done. Maybe on my back next, or hand. Little India was definitely a great highlight for this trip! We caught an MRT back and I later went out after the rain to go look for C cell batteries for our flashlights at 7/11 then another little cornerstone, but I ended up just going back to Harbor Front’s Vivo City Mall to find some in an electronics store. I met Dr. Dan and Tom when they were on their way to go meet the other undergraduates for dinner and Durian. I decided to opt against going with them just to make sure I had the batteries in case I forgot later. I also managed to find an adapter that night though too! I ended up trying a Hong-Kong cuisine restaurant for dinner where I tried lychee (the fruit) and steamed buns for the first time! Pretty good! Lychee is a soapberry, it has a very distinct taste to it. Definitely will try again! I took the #143 bus home and showered after a long day, because Sunday was about to be another new adventure.


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